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Can't join Realm: stuck on "building terrain"


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      I've been playing on a Realm created by a friend 2 days ago, then suddenly I've become unable to join the Realm anymore.

      After trying to join the server I get stuck on "building terrain" indefinitely.

      I've tried:
      -restarting the game
      -updating Windows
      -logging out my Xbox/Minecraft account
      -joining on Phone Edition (Android) into the same Realm with the same account
      -making my friend save the world offline and re-upload it

      Nothing worked

      Things that MAY have triggered the bug:
      -Joining the Realm with the same account on another Windows 10 pc
      -My laptop shutting down because of low battery during a login attempt
      -The presence of a Nether portal in the world I'm trying to enter (I was reading about similar bugs caused by a nether portal)

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