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Items wont craft into stack if inventory is full.



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      Update by Mega_Spud:
      Items cannot be crafted and added to an existing partial stack of items. This is most noticeable when using touch controls, a controller, or trying to shift+click the crafting output. This happens with any item and is not limited to wall blocks as described in the repro steps.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Place a crafting table
      2. Fill up the the player's inventory with the following items:
        /give @s cobblestone_wall 16
        /give @s cobblestone 64
        /give @s wooden_axe 34
      3. Switch to Survival (Optional)
      4. Place the cobblestone blocks in the crafting grid to craft more cobblestone walls
      5. Place the remaining cobblestone in the inventory
      6. Now either:
        Win 10: Shift click the cobblestone wall crafting output
        Xbox: Select the cobblestone wall crafting output
        Touch: Tap the cobblestone wall crafting output
        Recipe Book: Tap the cobblestone wall recipe item

      Observed Results:
      The extra cobblestone walls cannot be crafted and added to the partial stack of items in the player's inventory.

      Expected Results:
      The new cobblestone walls should be crafted and added to the existing partial stack of items in the player's inventory

      Screenshots/Videos attached: Yes


      Original Description:
      When ever you try to craft an item in your inventory when its full but still have room for that item. Say you have 16 Stone brick walls and you try to craft more the game wont craft the walls into the stack thats available when your inventory is full.

      Video of what im talking about: https://streamable.com/x5of7


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