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Soul sand and doors glitch (Underwater)


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      If you place a Birch
      door on a soul sand block there is a chance it seems to stop the bubbles there is a higher procent for it to happen when you use the door before breaking it and a even higher one when you use it in a one block hole I thought this may be handy for building but I couldnt find a reason there is a chance that the bubbles will just stop working forever untill you break it and place a new one or place another door and break it sometimes after some waiting the bubbles come back I dont know what happens with magma blocks or after you did the glitch and use the door again and break it but its pretty weird

      Breaking the soul sand with a door on top will just break the door and the soul sand

      (I searched it up but couldnt find anything please comment/use my discord group if I searched wrong I searched: soul sand and doors glitch)

      (At one of the pictures the text is a little off the screen but you can read it)

      Edit: I rejoinend the world and the soul sand was still broken

      Edit 2: same if you swim towards it or stand on it

      Edit: 3 It behaves like normal soul sand like it was never underwater

      Edit 4: Dont know more affected version or fixed ones

      Edit 5: same result with not saving the world (Not sure)

      Edit 6: Future Updates will be done in the comments

      Want more information comment on this bug report or join this discord group: https://discord.gg/pXwW5qc

      (Owner of the discord (Me): Mrainb12353)

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