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Pickblocking a Sweet Berry Bush works inconsistently


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      The Creative inventory does not include an item for Sweet Berry Bush. However, you can pickblock a bush and get an item in your inventory called "Sweet Berry Bush". It has exactly the same texture as Sweet Berries (which is a little confusing).

      It is probably significant that Sweet Berries is included in Creative inventory as part of the crops category, like wheat, potatoes and carrots, and of course in either Creative or Survival you can plant a sweet berry bush by using Sweet Berries as a seed, like potatoes and carrots. But if the intent was that it work like those crops, I would expect pickblocking a sweet berry bush to give you Sweet Berries, not a bush item, just as it gives you a potato and not a potato crop if you pickblock a potato crop at any stage of growth.

      I don't know whether the intention was that pickblocking a sweet berry bush in Creative would give you Sweet Berries (and similarly, that pickblocking it in Survival would select Sweet Berries if you have it), or that Sweet Berry Bush should be in the Creative inventory (in which case, shouldn't it have a different texture?)

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