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Oculus Touch VR - unable to swim (sprint underwater) or fly in creative mode



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      Windows 10 - PC


      I recently purchased an Oculus Touch VR headset, and got it linked to my Windows 10 so I can successfully play Minecraft VR mode no problems. The problems arise, for me, when trying to swim (sprinting while in water) or trying to fly around in creative mode by double tapping jump. Doing one of these actions causes the player to get stuck in the air, and the only way to fix is to save&quit and reload the world.

      Once the player emerges from the water after swimming or decides to disable flying in creative mode, the bugs occur for me. Simply going in water and getting out without sprinting/swimming does not cause any problems. If creative mode is enabled you are still able to move up and down using jump/crouch respectively while flying around, but double tapping jump again to disable flying keeps the player stuck in midair. In survival mode I have not found a way to go back down to the ground without restarting.

      This only happens while using the VR launcher, launching the game directly works as expected and there are no issues. I've not found a way to fix the problem, and there are no help topics related to this issue online, so any help (or an update) is very much appreciated. Thanks.

      To reproduce, launch Minecraft Bedrock using the Oculus VR launcher. Join any world, go into the water and click the joystick button to sprint/swim then attempt to emerge out of the water back onto land. Also if the world has creative enabled, simply double tap jump to fly then double tap jump again to fall back down.




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