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Pressing 2 navigator buttons at the same time results in game freezing



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.8.0
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      Tablet - Android - Samsung Galaxy Note


      Summary: I use the onscreen touch sensitive controller (herein "navigator") to move around in MCPE. Sometimes when pressing 2 Navigator buttons simultaneously, the game freezes with the message, "Minecraft has stopped responding." Waiting for 10 minutes doesn't change the freeze status. Only remedy is to close the app and restart it.

      History: I've used MCPE since 2012. I haven't seen a navigator issue this bad since using a Kindle Fire back in 2015. I use a Galaxy Note 3 now. In fact, I've had no navigator issues since 2015. Now, this issue has been occurring since (12.12.2018) after the last update. I'm on 1.8.0 now.

      Expected Result: When pressing 2 navigator buttons simultaneously, one button's output should simply be accepted while the other ignored. 

      Actual Result: Pressing 2 navigator buttons simultaneously causes game to freeze.

      Occurrence Probability: I estimate this issue occurs 25% of the time. It's hard to determine since I don't have a way of knowing when my touch actually translates into a signal. I can only define the issue as "simultaneous button pressing" since it ONLY occurs when quickly going from one navigator button to another... it's a smartphone... and it's fat-thumb syndrome.

      Steps to Reproduce Issue:

      1. Seems to occur more in jungle biomes.
      2. Running straight forward with forward button (herein "UP").
      3. Issue occurs when I must slide thumb to another button when something motivates me to turn: a tree, a cliff, a little b****** zombie. Issue more frequantly occurs when having to thumble around on the navigator because of a startling unintended motion. (For example, I sometimes inadvertently climb a vine when trying run through it. Upon scrambling on the navigator to dislodge, I seem to press both the UP and LEFT arrow at the same time, resulting in a freeze.)(Another example is when a little b****** zombie attacks me. When thumbling around to get away, game freezes) 
      4. Also, just prior to the freeze (within 10 minutes), the navigator will behave erratically. For example, pressing dead center in the UP button invoke a wild spin with me ending up looking straight up. When I don't have coordinates, compass or daytime, I lose all sense of direction.
      5. Issue occurs regardless of navigator size. I usually play with it at the max 100% size.




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