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Extreme, unplayable lag, controller problems



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      Phone - Android - Samsung Other (Specify in description)


      Ever since the 1.9 beta began, the game seems to of taken a huge drop in performance. To the point the game becomes unplayable.

      It may be caused by gravity blocks falling in caves I can't see, but there's no way to tell for sure, though, it even affects chunks that have been loaded before, but only when the world is reloaded. Sometimes the lag causes the fps to drop below 5 FPS

      This also has worsened a long standing issue on Android: Controller latency.

      As far as I've been able to test, any time the fps drops below a certain point, the game seems to stop responding to input changes. For example, if I were to be holding straight forward, and then attempt to turn rigjtwhen the latency issue triggers, I'll continue moving forward and about 5-10 seconds later, turn right for longer than I held the analog stick. As you can imagine, this makes the game entirely unplayable with a controller, and it even somewhat affects touch controls as skipped frames make the controls unresponsive.

      This has occured between 2 different ipega controller models, and 2 different samsung phones (Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime, and Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro)

      A side note, I can confirm it is NOT my controller, as other controller compatible games don't have this issue, even if they have performance drops.




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