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Cats sometimes do not scare away creepers


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      Original summary
      Tamed Ocelots are not scaring away creepers.


      Minecraft Java Edition: Ocelots and cats scare away creepers

      Minecraft (bedrock): Ocelots scare creepers, but not cats

      I am having a problem on a realm world where cats (tamed ocelots) do NOT appear to be scaring off approaching creepers. We keep having them show up and explode even where there are tamed ocelots sitting a few blocks away from the explosion point. Is there a known problem with ocelots supposedly not scaring creepers away? Also we have our areas lit up pretty good, but we still get a lot of creeper spawning as we live near a mega taiga. They appear to spawn in the woods and wander out from the trees, but with as many cats as we have placed, one would think they should be turning tail and running from them.

      Hope this is resolved soon as we are becoming tired of fixing creeper attacks and holes that our guard cats are supposed to be preventing.

      Realm ID = ClandorBowman

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