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Let It Go! Achievement not registering



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Beta, Beta, 1.7.0
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      Xbox One


      I have been searching through the threads and have found a similar issue to what I am facing (however the thread was listed for the iOS platform of Minecraft and I found it appropriate to list this issue on the xbox one console platform). I have been trying to get achievements and I recently acquired a frost walker II enchanted book from fishing. I used an anvil to combine the frost walking enchantment with a set of chain mail boots I acquired from a nearby village trade. I have walked on numerous ocean biomes that all seemed to be "deep" but I still haven't gotten the achievement "Let It Go!". I have also tried it on a friends world where he had gotten the achievement in a certain spot on the ocean on his map and I walked where he had walked and I still can't get the achievement. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I had invested quite a bit of time fishing for that book. Sorry if this tickets information is filled out incorrectly, this is my first error report. I am currently playing on the Xbox One version (NOT the outdated console edition). My gamertag is Lysome, again thank you greatly for your help in helping me resolve this issue . (Sorry there aren't any photos I am able to tag)




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              Lysome Caleb Wehrbein
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