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Player spawned at wrong altitude and falls from a height when reloading the world


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      Update on this issue:

      21/Jan/19 by Mega_Spud
      As mentioned this issue has been fixed in the 1.9 beta version, but we will leave this ticket open as a point of reference until the fix is fully released.

      Workaround: Players have found that placing a pool of water at the world spawn point will often prevent the player from falling to their death when the world is reloaded.

      31/Dec/18 by Auldrick:
      This issue has already been fixed in the beta. We expect it to be fixed in release 1.9 when it becomes available. The release date for 1.9 has not been determined yet. Please limit additional comments to recurrences in the 1.9 Beta releases.

      15/Dec/18 Workaround for Windows 10 by Auldrick:
      After saving and quitting, make sure to export a backup copy of your world before you load it again. (Doing it immediately after saving is the best practice.)
      If you spawn in the wrong place and die, delete the world, then import your backup copy and try again. It worked for me!by

      Samsung Galaxy S7 Active.

      Saved game loaded. Player was near sea level but restored at above cloud level. Gravity worked.

      Edit: confirmed the player was restored directly above the original spawn point, i.e., fell onto the location where player was spawned when the world was created.

      Edit: confirmed still occurs after placing a bed. Fall still takes place over original spawn point, not over the bed.

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