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Cannot unsneak/uncrouch when under water, causes drowning death


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      We have a problem now with dying under water because the inventory crouch bug was fixed without accounting for this scenario.

      If you are crouched when falling/jumping into water, there is no mechanism to stop crouching. Hence you will start taking drowning damage once your air runs out. When crouched, it is not possible to swim upwards even though the button to swim up and down are on screen.

      We NEED the devs to put back in a crouch button that appears when under water so that we can crouch and uncrouch as needed when under water. This would allow for swimming players to safely walk on magma blocks and to exit accidental crouch mode while under water.

      Tested on Bedrock on Android Nougat LG Q6 on realm world.

      Note: This issue was raised back when the devs made the change to hide the crouch/uncrouch button when the player is under water.

      The previous workaround involved opening/closing the inventory screen to exit crouch, however, with that bug fixed, there is no workaround to this issue.

      Keywords for JIRA search: drown sneak touch controls


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