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Enchanted Trident disappears from Anvil following server kick


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      What Happened:

      I received a "Was kicked from the game" message, and associated Realm exit, while using an Enchanted Trident with an Anvil. This was on a Realm that I created, and I was the only player in the Realm. When I re-entered the Realm, the Trident was not in the Anvil, not in my inventory, not in any surrounding chests, nor on the ground in the vicinity. It appears to have vanished from the game, and I consider it lost.


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Earn a Trident via killing a hostile Drowned.
      2. Perform a level 30 enchantment on the Trident, leaving 27 enchantment levels remaining on the player.
      3. Move the Enchanted Trident to an Anvil.
      4. Attempt to rename the Enchanted Trident.
      5. Immediately be kicked from the server, before typing a new name.


      What Should Have Happened:

      I should not have been kicked from my own Realm, as the only player. When I re-entered the Realm, the Enchanted Trident should have been recovered to my inventory, an anvil, nearby chest, or placed on the ground. 

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