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Bedrock Realms Minecraft: education edition toggled version on active realms issue. Science blocks, entities go missing or corrupted.



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.6.0
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      Windows 10 - PC


      The Minecraft education edition toggle version is only available on regular worlds. But when you upload it to a realm it gets turned off/disable for some reason or the assets gets corrupted. I wonder if there is a way to address this problem, as it was never looked at before. The issue is on most (Or all) devices of this version, it is a bedrock codebase and realm problem placed together.


      The time on some photos may be old, by this problem continues to remain to this day. 

      This issue can be tested and there are steps to recreate the issue:

      • (1) Open a blank world that has toggled education button enabled.
      • (2) open the world and place all blocks from toggled education, like the elements, science tables, and etc.
      • (3) Close the world and go back to the worlds screen.
      • (4) Then have a realm or create a realm and upload the "Blank world" that contains the science blocks in game and education toggled still enabled.
      • (5) When the upload is complete, and the "blank world" is put into the realm for sure, Then you open the realm.
      • (6) Then observe the glitches and bugs you see from the science blocks, Science tables and items etc.
      • (7) Check to see that each material is badly corrupted and has a image that spells out "update" or the missing texture block. Also look for item names that went missing.
      • (8) That is it, bugs have been found for realms when education toggled is enabled.


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