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Problem spawning the common tropical fish varients from spawn eggs



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.5.3
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      Xbox One


      So the 22 tropical fish varients that makes up 90% of fish spawns still do naturally spawn in warm oceans.


      However, the problem is, whenever I use a spawn egg, creative mode fish bucket(the one that spawns multiple varients rather than a single certain one), or commands that spawn random varients of tropical fish, the 22 common fish varients never spawn from them, only the custom color ones that makes up 10% of the spawns.


      In the PC Edition, I notice that the common 22 varients can spawn from un-natural means, such as spawn eggs, creative mode buckets, and commands, though on my Bedrock Edition Xbox worlds, it shows otherwise.


      I tested this out numerous times, in numerous worlds, and even over the course of two updates.


      Also it seems like the commands that spawn exact tropical fish varients doesn't seem to be working either, unless that command is different between PC and Bedrock, but I'm only finding tropical fish command tutorials for PC, so I don't know.




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