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Farmer Villagers Breaking Potatoes Not Working (UPDATE; CARROTS TOO)



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      Windows 10 - PC



      UPDATE; I am not longer cooperating with the Bug tracker due to their lack of response and ability to trust and understand the information given. I will leave this post open for the hope that someone more sensible will see this post. Goodbye Bug Tracker, I truly never regained faith in you, and now you are essentially dead to me.


      Recently I created a villager breeder using potatoes. Now, all crops should work, that being wheat, carrots, POTATOES, and beetroot. 

       After the potatoes grew, I expected the farmer villager to break the crop and replant it, except that didn't happen. Even after loading it for around 30 minutes, nothing happened. 

      I've been in contact with the breeder design via Twitter, and I can confirm that the breeder is built correctly and that nothing is interfering (no nearby villagers/village/doors). I had traded quite a bit with the all the villagers in the breeder to make sure my villager score and their willingness is up, and after all that I was sure as hell that my score wasn't negative.


      When trading with them, I thought maybe breaking the potatoes myself would fix it, perhaps it was a chunk loading error or something, but it was this that confirmed my suspicions that this was indeed a bug.  


      The farmer picked up the potatoes and planted them back, and, after making sure the area was loaded while the potatoes grew, they didn't break the grown crops.

      I ended up replacing the villagers (making sure to kill them with lava), and changed out the potatoes for carrots, and sure enough, after bonemealing one just to find a quick result, the new farmer broke and replanted the crop.


      The villagers have not breed due to another bug, but this report is for the potatoes, not the breeding.


      So, if this detailed explanation isn't enough, I don't know what is. I am almost sure that this is a bug, below I have the twitter conversation and the tutorial linked. 

      FIRST THREAD: https://twitter.com/Schmedricks27/status/1022976226523209728

      SECOND THREAD: https://twitter.com/Schmedricks27/status/1025826236365303808

      TUTORIAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQnvGsVj-hE&t=0s&index=29&list=PLv0ngaVTZt4HGuq-IbONrSnvwc4NAp16o

      Thanks for any response you may provide.

      UPDATE: The carrots did not work either, they broke one the first one, then they didn't break the rest unless I got them started, as to which then they only broke a few before I had to break another one. This bug needs to be fixed asap as it applies to a huge part of the game.

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