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      Nintendo Switch


      So I was playing on a realm on my computer (note: I don't own the realm a friend of mine does) and I decided I wanted to try out the realm on my Switch since realms came out today. So I switched to my Switch (no pun intended) and got on the realm. When I got on I spawned in at the world spawn with nothing in my inventory. Which made no sense since I was just on the realm on my computer. So I got off the Switch and went back to my computer to see if the issue was just on my switch. Unfortunately, the issue was still into play on my computer. Essentially I lost all the stuff in my inventory and im assuming this is a bug. (I also tried getting on the realm using my phone to see if the issue was still into play and got the same results.) I hope either this bug gets fixed soon, or there is an easy fix to the problem in game that I can do.




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              Franklinstein18 Gage Anthony Franklin
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