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Looting enchantment does not properly increase the chance of mobs drops and how many items will drop



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      • Using the looting enchantment the chances of mobs drops does not increase. It can happen to use the maximum level and several times do not drop anything from the mobs and also using the same enchantment (and level) will not increase correctly the amount of items dropped by the entity

      Device: LG K10

      Additional information by [MCPE Mod] Auldrick for those commenting about their own experiences:

      Looting does not increase the chance of getting drops from mobs, only the number of items if any are dropped.

      • If you killed 50 mobs and got 0 drops with Looting, that is not this bug, although it may be a different bug.
      • If you killed 50 mobs and 15 of them dropped items, but only the same number of items you would get without Looting, that is this bug.
      • If you killed 50 mobs and got 22 items with Looting when you expected more, we have no way of knowing whether you're describing this bug, or any bug at all, because you haven't told us how many of them dropped anything. Looting only applies when they drop something.

      When adding your experiences, please be careful to exclude mobs who didn't drop anything from your counts.

      Note that this makes testing for a Looting bug a lot more work. If the chances of a mob dropping anything are only 50%, you would need to do twice as many tests to get a given number of cases that were eligible for the Looting effect, and you need a fairly large number of such cases to establish that Looting isn't working (because the Looting effect is itself only a statistical average).


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