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stuck in a mode where i cant build or interact with the world on realms



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      Windows 10 - PC


      {{hello, my friends an I started a realm to play together and all works well, but something happened and the game would disable me from crafting, open chests, dropping items, using doors, or just interact with the game. I would just be a useless body that cant open anything on my own, like even drop items. we are in survival mode with no cheats. I have tried /gamemode s but it says cheats are disabled.

      I have tried all the thing Mojang support said none has worked, I have looked online and some had similar but not the exact same problems as I do.

      now what we did to do this:

      The 1st time it was really nothing, we all got on realms and I noticed I cant do anything so after some wondering, my friend puts on a slighter older copy of the world and I went back to normal.

      The 2d time: this time we were messing around and my friend kicks me of the realm, then he sends the invite again and I get back, only to see I cant do anything again, he put on a slightly older copy of the world and that fixed it.

      The 3d time: this time it was the same as the first time, we joined the realm and I could not do stuff. we tried to put an older copy of the world and that we expected to work but time no luck. now I'm stuck not doing anything in realms on a survival world with no cheats. I can still be attacked but I cant interact with people including dropping items or building, ext. 

      oh one last thing: this bug is only on realms not on the join friends tab, the owner moved the world of the realm and all works fine now so that's how we play.




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