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In the crafting screen when docked we cannot get the names of the items needed to craft.


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      This was mentioned in my post on Reddit:




      In the crafting screen while the Switch is docked, how about telling us the names of the items we need? Not everyone has 1000's of hours and every icon memorized. If you move the cursor off the item to see what the needed items are it goes away. At least on Minecraft Switch Edition you could click the Y button and get a description and then the recipe with another click. Since we are talking about this the way it handles an item when your inventory is full could also use some work. Instead of throwing the made item in front of you and continuing to build more items, it puts it in your hand and you have to select an item to toss, or toss the built item. It interrupts the flow if nothing else. After playing more with this I have found that sometimes if you tab over to the full list of craftable items you can scroll the item you want to make up or down, so that the popup is out of the way. Not convenient in any way though.

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