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Any player with custom permissions can "change" their game mode and permissions.


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      Players having Custom permissions that exclude Operator are incorrectly able to change Default Game Mode and Personal Game Mode controls in the World settings. Although changing Default Game Mode does not actually affect the server, doing so nevertheless enables all the other settings controls as well as permissions controls for all players. Changing those controls likewise does not affect the server, but it creates the illusion (on their device) that they're able to take control of the game, and can cause significant confusion between players. All such settings changes are client-side only; they're reset if the player leaves and rejoins the world.

      If the player changes the Personal Game Mode control to Creative, they obtain access to Creative inventory and the ability to fly, but in most aspects they are still in Survival mode. For instance, they're unable to take items from the Creative inventory and can take damage. This is an abnormal hybrid game mode which also causes confusion.

      In all of my Minecraft worlds all players only with one or more permission have access to toggling their game mode, but as Visitors (without permissions) they can't change their game mode. When a player without operator changes their game mode to Creative, they can actually get hurt and killed as if they're in Survival, yet the player has all Creative options, such as the Creative menu and ability to fly. Though, a player who has forced their way into Creative can not take items from their Creative menu, and if they "give" themselves a permission it will not actually be given to them unless an Operator gives or has given them a permission. This is confusing, but just think of it as an illusion.

      I have tried to fix this bug by: re - converting the worlds from Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition. Copying the worlds. Re-downloading Minecraft (twice). Checking for corrupted data (none). And toggling some options in settings like ensuring that Trust Players options is not set to Operator.

      None of these worked and I really hope someone sees this and looks into it!

      A way around this bug is setting the players game mode to Adventure, which blocks them from "changing" their game mode and permissions.

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