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Nether portals that are /setblock in the End do not teleport you to the Nether, unlike Java Edition


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      Description update from MCPE-78510:
      When I went to the End dimension and used /setblock ~ 64 ~ portal and went into the portal, I saw I was in a block. I teleported higher and saw I was in the overworld.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Build an end portal or do /setblock ~ ~ ~ end_portal
      2. Do /setblock ~ ~ ~ portal

      What I observed
      I was in the Overworld instead of the Nether and there was no Nether portal.

      What I expected
      I would be in the Nether with a Nether portal.

      Original Description:
      Pretty much the description, i assume there's java parity in the works?

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