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After iOS update to 1.2.13 all purchased world templates or textures locked, coins are set to zero.



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      Tablet - iOS - iPad Air 2
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      Update on this issue:

      Update 16th Apr 2018:
      The 1.2.15 update for iOS was put in place to fix the underlying issue with purchases going missing, but there is ongoing work to restore everyone's accounts to where they should be.

      Please refer to the comment by Helen Zbihlyj:

      We now have a hotfix in place and going forward this should hopefully not be an issue for new purchases. We are continuing to run scripts on the backend to resolve people already affected. If you would like to be expedited, please feel free to email me directly at helenzy @ microsoft . com and I will personally ensure that we make things right for you. Once again, we apologize for this error and have put additional safeguards in place to ensure this doesn't happen again.


      my son is using minecraft PE for an iPad with IOS.

      With the PE update from today, 4th April 2018, (delivered by Apple App Store) we encountered a critical problem:

      1. My sons minecraft coins purchased in-app and via AppStore are set to 0 with the new Version 1.2.13. Before there where 80 coins in.

      2. All his bought world template, textures etc., purchased by his minecraft coins, are locked. The worlds he created by the bought templates are locked and cannot opened. A dialog appears and says he has to pay ...

      Using the "Wiederherstellen" button in the in-app-store of Minecraft does not help. Shortly after pushing the button, a dialog appears and gives the friendly message, that the done purchases will be recreated - but nothing happenend.

      My son (10 y) spend a lot of money and feels a great loss ...

      Our Android driven Nexus7 has no problems after the update - bought stuff can be used.

      A tip: searching in the web for a solution shows me, there are some another users with the same problem.
      I.E. https://www.product-reviews.net/down/minecraft-pe-app-problems/ (look the Comments)

      Thanks for your help!



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