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There are a few problems specific to the Norse texture pack



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      The Norse texture pack I use in my realm has the character figure way off center in the inventory screen. to the point where the bottom of the legs are in behind the inventory rather than in the window. So far it doesn't happen in any other pack, but I have 17 different packs, and I've only checked 4.

      I've included a screenshot.

      Also, the frames around every item in the inventory are glitching weirdly, not only being very thick, but changing and shifting weirdly. I've included a video clip.

      (I originally added this to the comments instead of here.)

      Addendum to Norse texture pack problems: The Store page is blank with the Norse pack. I've attached another clip. I can let it sit for minutes, and the store won't show up. I've checked 4 other texture packs, and the store will show up for them, but not the Norse pack.

      2nd addendum to the Norse texture pack problems: The book icon in the enchanting table pop up window is also way off-center. Instead of being centered in the spot above the lapis and enchantable item slots, it's partially obscuring the lapis slot. (see pic)




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