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Progression loss due to bug!



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      Current version is 1.2.5 as of 12/4/2017 (As seen in game)

      I've been encountering a rather game breaking issue.

      So I have two versions of this:

      Short Version:
      The game is currently in a terrible situation, I looked online everywhere to find what was wrong, and nothing, but I crash often, and whenever I crash, the map autosaved minutes before the crash, but my character reverts to an old save, or my character gets reset, including Ender Chests. This also happened once, without the crash involved.

      Long Version:
      Me and an old friend got into contact again, and decided to make a new world again, but he suggested I download the new Version of MineCraft on Xbox, as its free since I owned the Xbox One Edition, so I went and downloaded that real fast, then we went right into a new world! We got so many things done, like huge farms, cow pens, automated chicken egg collectors, etc etc. Then I noticed, the game crashes (I can deal with crashes as it wasn't often (thank you autosave)). Not actually sure what I do that causes it, but it happens. Farming, checking achievements... Who knows?

      But here's the issue... Whenever I crashed, the world would save, but my character would not... Last night this is when I was completely over it, and refuse to play till this is fixed, it ruins my progress entirely. Whenever I crash, my character would either reset or revert to something I had days ago, while the map itself would still be up to speed, along with my friends character, being in good condition.

      I see (according to the reviews on the Xbox Store) that a lot of people have similar issues... I'm astounded that this hasn't been fixed yet. In the meantime, I'll have to encourage people not to spend time on their worlds till after this has been fixed.

      I also would like to note of MCPE-12347
      They have a similar issue, but not quite the same.




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