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"You cannot play online multiplayer through Xbox Live because of how your account is set up"


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      Errors such as this frequently appear for no good reason when opening the game and wanting to join a server.

      These messages are telling users to check their privacy settings, which is garbage. I've experienced this issue many times at random and there is nothing whatsoever wrong with my privacy settings. Many users will concur.

      This issue appears to occur most when on bad networks, although I have personally experienced it at home on 200mbit/s broadband, so that is not the root cause of the issue.

      We believe this issue is preventing many potential players getting on servers at all. This issue has existed in various other forms since the initial Xbox integration way back at 0.15. Sadly now the problem is much worse because the Xbox authentication is forced.

      In addition, when this does happen and the player is able to join a server (by chance) their key-chain in the LoginPacket is not correctly signed with the Mojang root public key, causing authentication failures on servers. This is a serious problem and renders Xbox Live authentication to be of limited use. (This information was obtained using a custom server.) (citation needed, can't immediately reproduce on 1.2.5)

            od1g1man [MCPE Helper] Dylan K. Taylor
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