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Xbox Live Login - app crashes or won't load when Wifi enabled


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      Xbox Live Login Crashes

      Please note, this appears to affect certain Android as well as iOS devices. Please add your affected device to the comments below.

      As a temporary workaround, some players have found that disabling wifi whilst the game is loading can prevent the game from crashing.

      My daughters iPhone 6S when wifi is enabled, it will not load the app at all. If I disable the wifi, the app will load. It isn't a network specific issue because if Cellular data is enabled, it can open, and log into Xbox Live.

      The issue is specifically related to Wifi only. Steps to reproduce:

      1. install app from app store
      2. leaving wifi enabled, open the app
      3. – the app may or may not show the Mojang logo, but it always goes to a white screen and hangs, or it goes to a white screen for several seconds then crashes back to the home screen of iOS

      I'm also able to get the app to crash when wifi is enabled AFTER the app is started.

      When sitting at the main menu, the world background slowly rotates. If you go into the control center and enable wifi, after a second or two the background will stop rotating and the interface will be completely unresponsive. It will not respond to any touches. You have to disable Wifi and it will become responsive again.

      I've also tried loading a locally saved world with wifi disabled, and it will load into the game. But when I reenable wifi, it doesn't freeze here. However, even though I can play the world I'm in and leave wifi on, it is not visible on my local wifi network. I checked that the Settings > Multiplayer > Multiplayer Game is enabled (it is). But the game is not joinable by any other iOS devices or any other devices playing minecraft.

      Lastly, if I save/quit from the game with Wifi enabled, it will appear to save the world, but then will crash or freeze again when trying to return to the main menu.

      There is some problem with getting to the main menu on her devices. I've also made sure there were no multiplayer restrictions setup on her iOS devices, so it can't be any interaction there. I've also tested and this issue is not affecting my iPhone 7+. It is specifically (at least for us) the iPhone 6S and iPad mini 3.

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