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Exploding bed in the Nether!?



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      My first playthough on Better Together v 1.2.3. I passed into the Nether and quickly build a ghast-proof base using cobblestone, iron bars and an iron door. A ghast was floating in the distance, but I was concealed and it never shot at me (that I saw). I had just placed my bed to save my game when an explosion tore apart half my base, leaving me on the other half with the Portal intact. The bed was destroyed.

      There were no openings in the building, so I have no idea how this could have happened, even if a ghast somehow spotted me.

      After re-grouping at my base in the overworld, I went back to the Nether a second time, doubled the thickness of the walls and shored up the flooring and ceiling. This time I never even saw a ghast anywhere, although I did hear that weird high-pitched sound I assumed was a ghast in the distance somewhere. Still, I had not been spotted or fired at.

      So ... feeling secure, I placed a new bed on the cobblestone, and as soon as I pulled the left trigger button to sleep, the building EXPLODED in fire again, blowing out the ceiling, two walls and half the floor. Somehow I didn't plunge to my death. I grabbed what was left from my ruined chest and fled through the portal a second time.

      Since I never saw a ghast fire at me either time, and I was safely enclosed entirely in cobblestone and iron, I can only conclude that "sleeping" caused my bed to explode - twice.

      Has this happened to anyone else? Because it's not at all funny, and now I can't progress my game.

      Yours Truly,
      Sleepless in the Nether




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