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Endermen don't see endermites in minecart



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      Phone - iOS - iPhone 6


      Why oh why oh WHY IS THIS GAME SO BAD. I am sick and three of this game being completely full of bugs, "90% Bug Free!" One of the splashes says, more like 90% bugs because everything you can possibly do in this game is ruined by a bug. I love this game don't get me wrong it is just amazing and 30/10. Minecraft in general, nit the bedrock edition this is terrible there are bugs that have been in the game since 1.0 and nine ever get fixed. Apparnelty fixing the bottom of the for utter texture is more important than getting instantly killed by a blaze. And now, it wasnt like this last update and I doubt will ever be fixed, endermites in minecarts don't aggrivafe endermen, which ruins endermen farms. I have tried many things, using trapdoors, but the endermite just randomly walks out after some time or gets killed by an endermen or desoanwes but it dissapeared the past two times, I tried using fences, endemen can't see it. I can't find any good way to make an ender ender and I'm sick if it bugs in this game just never get fixed. My cousin even completely quit the game because of how buggy this game is and he loves the game too. When I take the endermite out if the minecart then endermen get mad, here's a festive world test do you can do it your self and prove its a bug, by the way make sure the minecart is on a transparent block unless it's in a rail it it somehow soffocates, why? I don't know that's another annoying bug. You can see in the second pic endrmrites are mad at the endermen so it's not fully broken but in the first they just walk past the endermite with the minecart. Why don't I just go to pc Minecraft? Because I have a realm and can play on my phone anywhere or my computer when I get home. I love the pc version it's so much better and less buggy and bugs actual get fixed instead of ignired. If you need more info on the bug or my information just comment but I am sick and tired if this game having such bad quality especially since it's the official version, no bugs get fixed what do you guys even do during work all day this is ridiculous apparnelty you care more about texture packs than the user experience


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