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Furnace deletes items from toolbar



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      If I have items in my toolbar when I pick up items from a furnace, it will delete the items from my toolbar and replace them.

      I can't tell you how many swords and bows I have lost due to this glitch. Dozens, easily. I usually put swords in the first slot and bows in the last slot on the toolbar, and as far as I'm aware, I've only lost items from those slots.

      The glitch is usually associated with a reordering of my toolbar. For example, if I have the bow in my last slot (9th slot left to right) and an empty space in slot 7, and then clear a stack of items from the furnace after completion, the smelted / cooked stack will end up in the last slot and the bow will be moved to slot 7.

      I have found that if I empty up a slot in my toolbar, I can probably clear the furnace without losing any items, But carelessness always seems to bite me; I'll go to clear three furnaces of stacks of cooked meat and end up losing all of my enchanted weaponry.

      This is highly aggravating. There's really no way for me to produce before and after pictures because i don't lose items every time. It may have something to do with having the same item in inventory already, and then clearing the furnace makes it try to stack and reorder the items. I only think this because I cook a lot of chicken, which I also keep on my toolbar (slot 8). But the glitch has happened when smelting iron and gold as well.

      Please save my enchanted diamond weapons! Hard survival mode and I'm losing valuables to glitches




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