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Gravity blocks - Falling Entities (eg Sand) Break and Drop as Items Unexpectedly


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      Update by Mega_Spud:
      Falling blocks such as sand will break even when landing on blocks that have a full height hitbox, such as hoppers, upturned stairs, or top-half slabs.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Place sand a few blocks above an upturned stair block

      Observed Results:
      The sand will break and drop as an item as it hits the stair block.

      Expected Results:
      I expected the sand to fall and land as a block, not drop as an item.

      Screenshots/Videos attached: Yes

      List of blocks that cause the falling entity to break, that do not in Java:

      • Hoppers
      • Stair blocks (any orientation)
      • Top-half slabs
      • Cauldron
      • Composter
      • Shulker Box
      • Iron Bars
      • Glass Pane
      • Trapdoors (iron and wooden)
      • Normal Glass
      • Stained Glass
      • Leaves
      • Ice (not packed ice)

      =Fixed in 1.16

      (Also happens on the following, but for a different reason: These blocks have collision box heights that are > 1 block, which would cause the gravity block to become a stuck falling block if they didn't break. Thanks to yusufulus for pointing this out.)

      • Fences
      • Cobblestone (and other) walls

      Additional info by Auldrick:
      "Gravity block" as used here means any of the following blocks:

      • Anvil
      • Concrete Powder
      • Dragon Egg
      • Gravel
      • Red Sand
      • Sand

      Although Scaffolding and Top Snow also fall under the influence of gravity, they behave very differently from the above and are reported in other tickets.

      Original Description:
      Gravity blocks are broken when they are falling on non-full blocks (wooden fences, slabs, stairs, cobblestone walls (mossy and regular) daylight sensors, end portal frame, cake, enchanting table, grasspath, hoppers, cauldrons, and hoppers). Galaxy tab 4

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