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Wrong Elytra Texture in Item Frame and Hand


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    • Preview, 1.20.30
    • 1.0.0, 1.0.2,,,,, 1.18.31, 1.19.22 Hotfix, 1.19.31 Hotfix, 1.19.51
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      There's a bug in 1.0: If you place Broken Elytras in Item Frames, and there are Normal Elytras somewhere else in a Item Frame, the Broken look like Normal Eyltras but if you rejoin the world and place the Broken Elytras at first in the Item Frame and there are no Normal Elytras in a Item Frame somewhere else, and put then the Normal Elytras in a Frame they'll look like the Broken Elytras.

      Update by Mega_Spud:

      Steps to Reproduce:

      • Place two item frames
      • Place Broken Eltyra wings in one frame
      • Place New Elytra Wings in the second frame
      • Notice both have 'broken elytra' texture
      • Notice the held elytra have the wrong texture also

      This works the other way around too, place new elytra first, then broken second.

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