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Clients disconnect when window focus changes on remote host/server (Windows 10)


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      Verification builds: Retail

      LAN connected clients will be disconnected when the Windows 10 host switches applications or minimises the game window.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      Fullscreen Mode:

      1. Hosting a LAN game, press alt+tab to switch to another application

      Windowed Mode:

      1. Press T or E
      2. Minimise the active window

      Observed Results:
      Clients will be disconnected after a short time

      Expected Results:
      Clients should stay connected, as the game is still active and running.

      Screenshots/Videos attached: Yes

      Original Description:
      In versions prior to 1.0 I was able to start a server game on my laptop and have Android tablets connect as clients. I can still do this, but now when I Alt+Tab away from Minecraft on my PC the clients disconnect. We have all upgraded to 1.0.

      Connection type: Wi-fi

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