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Looting enchantment causes crash to desktop Win10 Edition



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 0.16.2
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      Windows 10 - PC


      Windows 10 Edition 0.16.2
      Using City Texture Pack (duplicated with texture pack turned off)

      Scenario: I have two mob grinders setup in a new 16.2 Windows 10 Edition - infinite survival world using seed "gabrielanddon", and creative flat world that I use for testing. The mobs are transported using a water elevator and dropped onto a hopper connected to a chest where they wait for me to hit them once so that they die.

      Issue 1: "Looting Enchantment"
      Duplicated in creative mode world and survival world in both grinders.

      If I attempt to kill zombies or skeletons sitting on the hopper using a sword enchanted with "looting", after a couple hits the game freezes and crashes to desktop. No errors or messages are generated, the game just closes. I've tested this in creative mode on a flat world and in survival mode in two mob grinders (skeleton and zombie).

      Using the "looting" enchantment sword while wandering the world doesn't appear to cause problems. It's when the mobs are sitting on a hopper feeding into a chest after being dropped that the crash occurs.

      Issue 2: "Zombies and hopper fed chests"

      After killing zombies with a looting enchanted sword on top of a hopper feeding into a chest, attempting to open the chest causes the game to freeze and crashes to desktop. My assumption is that something was dropped by the zombies that went into the chest that is causing the game to crash. I've duplicated this twice in my survival world, using double chests. I can destroy the chest connected to the hopper, but the second chest causes the game to crash if I try to open it or destroy it.

      I'm unfamiliar with how to look for crash reports or other data related to Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. I did not see this in the bug reports.




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