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Flattened monster eggs/infested stones do not have "stone" sound assigned


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      When the monster_egg block ID was flattened in 1.21.10, its new split IDs were not assigned a sound property.

      This causes them to use an incorrect pitch for the breaking sound that differs from other blocks assigned the stone sound set, so players can tell the difference between normal Stone and Infested Stone by sound (not intended).

      To Reproduce

      1. Open the blocks.json file from the Bedrock Edition 1.21.10 resources.
      2. Find the infested_stone entry.
      3. Notice all the infested blocks are missing a "sound" property.

      Expected Result

      Infested blocks are assigned the "stone" sound set. They sound identical to their non-infested counterparts.

      Observed Result

      Infested blocks are not assigned any sound set, causing them to fall back to the "normal" set. This makes them sound different from their non-infested counterparts.

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