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Sunflowers seem to be missing a part of their textures


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      I noticed that the back of the sunflower seems to be missing a part of its texture, before you could not see that clearly the yellow part of the flower from the back but now you can't.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Get a Sunflower and place it on the ground
      2. Look at the back of the flower

      Observed results:
      The Sunflower back texture is missing

      Expected results:
      The Sunflower back texture is present

      Analysis by Zlexy:
      If you open terrain_texture.json and then search for sunflower_additional, you will notice that only textures/blocks/double_plant_sunflower_front texture is present on the textures list, while the back texture is missing and causing this issue, to fix this simply add the textures/blocks/double_plant_sunflower_back to the textures list.

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