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Absorption Hearts are Rendered as Empty When Only Half a Heart Is Taken


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      Absorption hearts will render as empty when it's at half a heart.
      This also affects 1.20.80

      How To Reproduce The Bug:

      1. Obtain any amount of absorption hearts.
      2. Take half a heart of damage.

      Expected Results:
      The absorption heart will render as half an absorption heart..

      Actual Results:
      The absorption heart will render empty.

      Screenshots / Videos:
      Vanilla world with no texture packs. https://youtu.be/5EcZ2-exZAU
      Featured Server (1st Person Perspective). https://youtu.be/AtXlvFyUnmw
      Same Featured Server (3rd Person Perspective with Hearts Shown). https://youtu.be/LHkjsynte8Q

      10 🟨 20 🟥 means 5 absorption hearts and 10 hearts.

       9 🟨 20 🟥 means 4.5 absorption hearts and 10 hearts etc.

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