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Breeze wind charges can change activation blockstates of redstone components when mobGriefing gamerule is disabled


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      Related to MC-270974.

      Wind charges can interact with redstone components such as: levers, buttons, trapdoors/doors, and fence gates. When mobGriefing is disabled though, these blocks can still be altered despite the player choosing to not have their world be altered by mobs. In practice, this could result in breeze mobs changing, breaking, or generally altering the activation states of redstone contraptions which otherwise the players wouldn't want to be changed.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Build a wall, with levers/buttons/trapdoors/etc on it.
      2. Disable mobGriefing
        /gamerule mobGriefing false
      3. Stand in front of the wall.
      4. Spawn a breeze, allow it to attack you.

      Observed Result
      All the levers will be flicked on/off by the wind charge.

      Expected Result
      The levers would not be changed.

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