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Diving with a Riptide Trident and then switching to a Mace mid-flight performs a smash attack upon landing on a mob


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      The mace causes apply effect without attacking when the riptide trident striking the mob and switching to mace item in hotbar, Which similar issue to MC-270499 (Was fixed in future snapshot)

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      Attachments: Yes
      Experimental Features: Yes

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Take a trident and use enchant commands usingĀ 
        /enchant @s riptide 3
      1. Create a setup of fence and Spawn any some mobs
      2. Set weather to rain/thunder
      3. Fly over the player and then hold the trident down straight then take fall the player before striking the mob target
      4. click the mace on hotbar without using attacking interaction

      Observed Results

      The Mace can be apply effect without attacking when the striking by riptide trident to mobs and switching in hotbar

      Expected Behavior

      Striking the mobs by using riptide trident, The mace would not apply without attacking or switching in hotbar

      Note: This is a different issue without using elytra (This may relates to MCPE-179914)

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