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Game forces players to download resource packs.


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    • 1.20.73 Hotfix, 1.20.80, 1.21.1 Hotfix
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      Update on this issue:

      18 June 2024 by CornerHard - 

      We have a fix for this coming in 1.21.20.

      Players will no longer be forced to download optional resource packs when joining a multiplayer game. The caveat is that Add-ons are always required to be downloaded, so you'll be given a new choice dialog to decide what you want to download if there are both Add-ons and optional Resource Packs.


      there is a bug since 1.20.70 whit resource packs applied in realms, servers and worlds.

      Normally you can activate an option to force other players to download resource packs but now it just makes all players to download resource packs even if that optión is not marked in setting.

      Before this bug, a "download" and a "join" option used to show when entering the world but now there is just an "download or leave" option.

      I've already tried to mark and unmark that option in resource packs setting but it doesn't work. It's like if you just deleted that option and now everyone have to download resources to play.


      The image below shows the bug.

      The option to force all players to download resource packs is not activated!

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