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Cartographer doesn't sell Trial Chamber Exploration Map when enabling Villager Trade Rebalancing and Update 1.21 experiments toggle together


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      When enabling Villager Trade Rebalancing experiments toggle, as well as the Update 1.21 toggle to get the trial chambers, the cartographer doesn't sell the trial chamber exploration map, despite the fact that it should be with the 1.21 experimental toggle.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a new world and turn the Villager Trade Rebalancing and Update 1.21 experimental toggle on. Make sure it is on infinite world type to guarantee it would generate a map
      2. Spawn a villager in a pit
      3. Place a cartography table on the floor to turn the villager into a cartographer
      4. Trade with it until it reaches the journeyman level
      5. Repeat the steps multiple times to make sure
        ---> You won't get the trial chamber exploration map.

      This is most likely because the trade table hasn't been updated in the villager trade rebalancing side.

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