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Device won’t sleep/auto-lock on menu screen


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      A related bug MCPE-155740 was submitted a while back, but set to Resolved due to there being no steps to reproduce. The status comments said to comment or submit a new bug… I ended up doing both, as I don’t know if 2yr old Resolved bugs get reviewed:


      1. Launch minecraft
      2. Click Play
      3. Select a world from the Worlds menu list
      4. After the world loads in, select Save & Quit from the drop down menu, which returns the user back to the menu screen.

      Expected behavior:
      The screen goes to sleep after the settings-specified amount of time of no user interaction. On my device, the auto-lock time is set to 2 minutes.

      Observed behavior:
      The screen stays on until the device drains of battery.

      (Note:If you just stop at step #3, the screen will sleep, if no further interaction, as expected)

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