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Bogged has the same attack interval as normal skeletons and strays and not in parity with Java


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      When testing the bogged attack interval, it is noticable that the bogged has the same attack interval as skeletons and strays. This is evident as the bogged.json behavior file has the exact lines of code with skeletons and strays.

      Step to Reproduce

      1. Put the bogged inside the box with a roof on top of it
      2. Put the skeleton or stray on the other box
      3. Get a shield
      4. Switch to survival mode
      5. Use your shield to defend yourself from the arrows
      6. Watch how long the attack interval goes
      7. Repeat the steps on skeleton and try to compare
        The attack interval is the same as the skeleton and not in parity with Java.

      The lines of codes of the bogged.json behavior file:

      Bedrock: 2024-02-16 01-51-08.mp4
      Java: 2024-02-16 01-53-26.mp4

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