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Trail ruins do not generate in the same seed and location on some Android devices


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      The trail ruins are entire missing in some android device with ARMv7 32-bit, Despite like Windows bedrock edition they just found the trail ruins in the same seed and position works
      The codes they causing corrupt the structure generation 

      • However some different android devices with ARMv8 64-bit if you found some of trail ruins
      Addons/Resource packs: No
      Attachments: Yes
      Verified builds: Preview, 1.20.60
      Device used: OPPO A12 (CPH2083), PowerVR Rogue GE8320, Android 9

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Copy the exact same seed from windows version of MCPE using
        6531579010319658124 896, 71, 224
      1. Compare your Android and windows devices with Bedrock edition based or using the Java Edition on Windows devices 
      2. Create a new world with/without any experiments
      3. Teleport using copied position or Try to analyze using chunkbase
      4. Check the trail ruins inside or use with locate commands
        /locate structure trail_ruins

      Observed result

      The trail ruins are missing out of generation in some android device for ARMv7 architecture systems, Despite like Windows bedrock edition's work,

      Which will causing error message from command "No valid structure found within a reasonable distance".

      Expected behavior 

      The trail ruins should be generated properly on some of Android devices.

      Notes: If someone any different android devices, may be able to working the structure generation in some android devices if you cannot reproduce 
      Screenshot Credits: ECKOSOLDIER 

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