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Tap-and-hold full stack crafting no longer works on mobile


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      Bug: tap and hold on android no longer crafts full stacks at a time

      Expected behaviour: pre 1.20.30, tap and hold on the output of a crafting grid would craft the maximum number of those items (up to a full stack, continuing to hold will craft more stacks until the input is exhausted)

      Actual behaviour: after 1.20.30 update, tap and hold on the output crafts one item at a time, extremely slowly. 


      Please revert back to pre-1.20.30, crafting large volumes of items on mobile was already painful even with full-stack-crafting, going back to crafting them one at a time is just horrible, sorry


      edit to add:  I've been informed this was an actual planned change (it's in the update log). This is a horrible change for mobile players who craft stacks of items at a time. Thx

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