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"minecraft:transformation" scale key without limit


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      The block component "minecraft:transformation" does not avoid the block being beyond its scale and translation limits if a geometry is being used. This means that something like:

      "minecraft:transformation": {
                              "scale": [64, 64, 64],
                              "translation": [64, 64, 64]

      Will work, causing the geometry to be upscaled to any possible amount. The scale parameter should keep the same limits the geometry has which are 30/16.
      I have attached a pack to reproduce this bug. Here are the steps to reproduce:

      1. Download the attached .mcaddon file.
      2. Create a new world with HCF toggle on.
      3. Apply both RP and BP.
      4. Join the world
      5. Type in chat;

      /give @s kai:

      and three of the blocks in the pack will appear, give yourself all of them.
      6. Place the blocks with a reasonable distance between each and step back.

      After doing these steps, the bug will appear by itself.

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