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Multiple /camera commands in the same tick are ignored


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      The bug

      Consider the following extremely simple use case: I want to activate a camera move that

      • starts at one position
      • moves to another position over 5 seconds

      This is of course trivial to write, it's just two commands:

      /camera @a set minecraft:free pos <pos1>
      /camera @a set minecraft:free ease 5 linear pos <pos2>

      But oops! If you activate both those commands in the same tick, it doesn't work! You'll just be dumped at the second position immediately with no easing!

      How to reproduce

      1. Place a chain of two command blocks
      2. In the first one: /camera @a set minecraft:free pos ~ ~1 ~
      3. In the second one: /camera @a set minecraft:free ease 5 linear pos ~ ~10 ~
      4. Activate the first one

      Expected result
      Your camera transitions from low to high over 5 seconds

      Observed result
      Your camera is immediately high, no transition at all


      Adding a single tick delay to the second command block avoids the issue. Of course, this is *NOT* a viable permanent solution, since commands in functions cannot be delayed!

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