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Calibrated sculk sensor and sticky pistons not updating correctly


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      If a calibrated sculk sensor is hooked up through a redstone line to multiple pistons, some of the pistons will fire at different times. In my video I have them pushing slime and honey which makes it more noticeable since the misfiring piston leaves blocks behind.

      Using a repeater to delay the signal solves the issue

      The missfiring piston is random (no perceived order nor the same one constantly missfiring)

      `Triggering the sculk from a few blocks away has de intended behavior, doing so from 5+ blocks away causes the issue


      How to replicate: link a calibrated sculk sensor that detects player movement to 5 sticky pistons using redstone. 

      Intended behavior: All 5 pistons fire at the same time

      What happens: 1 piston (random) fires out of sync

      Some photos attached and video showing the bug in: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17_64pn2VFVF-SHSm72OxVNlRwOdTvg5U/view?usp=sharing



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