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Pressure plates have become broken and inconsistent


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      A bug introduced in Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.0 has caused plates to revert to their ‘normal’ position earlier than they should. This means any redstone output is abruptly cut off, which makes contraptions like piston doors unuseable and the pistons will close the pathway earlier than what should be.

      The bug can occur in any situation with pressure players but also seems to be tied to if the player jumps or goes up a block, with stairs being the main catalyst. It is unclear how exactly the bug works but a way to replicate it is like this:

      -Create a standard 2x2 piston door 

      -Have the pressure plates/floor a Y value lower than the door (pistons doors where the pressure plate is on the same Y coordinate still do occasionally bug out, but the method stated here is much more reliable)

      -place two of any solid block in front of top half on the pistons when they are extended, then placed stairs in front of those  

      In this case, the observed results will almost always be that when the player steps on the pressure plates and then goes up the stairs the pistons will close on the players face as the pressure plates will stop the redstone input early. There is never a second ‘click’ of the pressure plates when this happens.

      The expected results should be that the pressure plates retract the pistons, the player has enough time to walk through the door and come out the other side before the pressure players end their natural timer. 

      It is likely there are actually two bugs occurring, one being that pressure plates do not always last out the amount of time they should before the redstone current ends, and the other being that somehow stairs and certain senarios make the bug extremely likely to occur.


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