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      In Minecraft Java version, it is possible for the player to pass under a slab, giving a total of 0.5 blocks high, as long as there are layers of snow forming an entire block below the player, Something not possible in Bedrock Edition

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Launch Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition

      2. Create a world with "experimental short crouch" enabledĀ 

      3. Make a structure with layers of snow forming a block on the ground and place a slab on top of a block

      4. Use a Trapdoor to crawl and try to pass under the slabĀ 

      Observed Results:

      Unlike the Java edition of Minecraft, the player will not sink into the snow while crawling on the snow, making the character unable to go under the slab

      Expected Results:

      On snow-like blocks, the player should sink slightly and be able to pass under slabs.

      Screenshots/Video Attached: Yes

      Notes: So far, I've tested it with soul soil, soul sand, honey block, slime block, and layers of snow forming a block. It only worked with soul sand. In java edition it works with soul sand and snow layers

        1. Bedrock Crawl.mp4
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        2. Java Crawl.mp4
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