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Teleporting players to unloaded chunks while flying causes the fly mode to get disabled


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      When teleporting players to unloaded/new chunks while flying causes the fly mode to get disabled and player falls in creative mode. This causes inconvenience where the players are expected to stay in fly mode, even if gets teleported to unloaded or new chunks/location. This doesn't occur in the stable release of 1.19.80.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a new creative world
      2. Get yourself to fly mode (make sure to be high enough from the ground)
      3. Teleport anywhere yourself that is far enough

      Expected Result
      The player stays in fly mode, despite being teleported away into unloaded or new chunks.

      Observed Result
      The player falls because the fly mode gets disabled after teleporting into new or unloaded chunks/location.

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